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Say Hello To Your New Virtual Assistant
MeetNotes is the quick and easy AI tool for founders to share meeting notes, without the hassle of taking minutes.
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Maximum Return From Your Next Meeting
MeetNotes helps founders keep teams accountable by producing actionable notes in under 24 hours.
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If You Need To Keep Everyone In The Know
MeetNotes is the easy way to share concise and accurate board minutes with your team, absentees and shareholders.
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Why MeetNotes
Do you run meetings?

Yes, making notes and sharing these with stakeholders is a necessary task. But you also know that taking minutes is a time consuming and often thankless job. That’s why we got a machine to do it instead. MeetNotes is a virtual note taking assistant powered by AI.

Concise and actionable minutes, all turned around in under 24 hours. An easier way to share outcomes and actions with your team and keep everyone accountable.

Useful for almost any meeting, MeetNotes is ideal for startups, when monthly board notes and actions are required for stakeholders and investors. Uploading is simple – just record your next meeting through Teams, Zoom or Meet, and upload it simply and securely to our platform.

Why MeetNotes
How it works
Record your next meeting

Simply record your next Teams, Zoom or Google meeting.

Upload video or audio file

Follow the steps to upload safely and securely.

Upload board pack or meeting agenda

Help us with format, speaker names and what was discussed.

We do our thing...

Our AI machine goes to work, all overseen by a team of talented humans.

MeetNotes to your inbox

In under 24 hours, we deliver actionable MeetNotes that you can share.

Why MeetNotes

Structured agenda

Keep it short and suit with previous meeting minutes as part of the agenda

Shareable actions

Keep your time accountable and on track by sharing actions

Legal compliance

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s by covering legal compliance

Safe and secure

Upload to our secure, encrypted and GDPR compliant platform.

24 hour turnaround

No more unnecessary overhead or bottlenecks.


£59 per month

1 hour meeting

Ideal for startups that need a monthly board pack for investors
and shareholders

£159 per month

3 hour meetings or 6 half hour meetings

Ideal for team meetings, standups
and briefings

More meetings?

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our MeetNotes service, get in touch with us today using the contact form or send us an email.