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Podcast Show Notes Lightning Fast
PodNotes is a handy tool that creates bios, summaries, time-stamped highlights and resources for Podacsters who are short on time.
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Get Bang For Your Podcast Buck
PodNotes is the quick and easy AI Tool that helps Podacsters like you optimise SEO and attract more listeners.
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It’s Time To Convert Listeners To Subscribers
PodNotes - grab listener attention by publishing show notes on your episode web page and encourage return traffic.
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Why PodNotes
Are you a podcaster?

You spend hours every week creating Interesting content for people to listen to. But how do you attract a new audience or boost audience engagement? Beyond just publishing your podcast to the big platforms like Apple and Spotify, creating a dedicated web page for each episode is a must for optimising your SEO. The more content, the broader your appeal. But making  great show notes is a time consuming task.

PodNotes is an AI driven show note creator that automatically generates a podcast overview, a guest bio, sponsor details, time-stamped highlights of your episodes, resource links and optional full transcript. PodNotes is the perfect companion tool for ALL podcasters who want to save time and boost their audience engagement. With PodNotes, you can make show notes as fun as making podcasts!

Why PodNotes
How it works
PodNotes How it works
Upload your podcast

Follow the steps to upload safely and securely.

Tell us a little more about guests and sponsors

That’s anything you haven’t mentioned in the podcast.

We do our thing...

Our AI machine goes to work, all overseen by a team of talented humans.

PodNotes to your inbox

In under 24 hours, we deliver PodNotes that can be used to create a web page.

Why PodNotes

Handy episode summary for Apple, Spotify etc.

A concise summary highlighting you, your guests and your sponsors.

SEO optimised extended summary

Guest and sponsor bios plus keyword overview ideal for SEO.

Timestamped episode highlights

Up audience engagement with content highlights.

Linked episode resources

Drive return traffic by making liting episode resources.

24 hour turnaround

No more unnecessary overhead or bottlenecks.


£39 per month

1 Episode

Ideal for one-off, monthly or bi-monthly episode

£139 per month

4 Episodes

Ideal for weekly episode

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