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About Us

Forerunners in Pioneering
Transcribing Technology

JUST: Access provide pioneering transcribing technology with an open data approach. Launched in 2016 by Founding Directors Rae Mpashi-Marx, Stephen Mwanza (exited in 2019) and Sophie Walker. Since launching we have committed ourselves to promoting equal access to legal information.

As forerunners in digital legal transcription services, we expanded further and were able to close our seed round of investment in July 2021.

JUST: Access now provide a wealth of legal transcribing services for a multitude of purposes. As well as quick and efficient speech-to-text capabilities, our platform also supports editing, subtitles and captioning, live event transcription, legal dictation, notetaking, and data and analytical insights.

Sharing Your Values

At JUST: Access, we prioritise the needs of our platform users and are committed to championing our shared values. From our virtual paralegal services to creating transcriptions for research, data protection, recruitment, education, marketing, and much more, our principles remain the same.

To focus on the user experience with a holistic vision driven by passion and expertise.

To streamline the complete transcription process to save our users both time and money.

To prioritise security and accuracy to guarantee data protection as well as quality results.

To continue our contribution to transforming the legal sector and promoting open justice.

To model alternative ways of providing legal services that are to the benefit of everyone.

To create fairer professional practices and bring about systemic change in the justice sector.

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