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Types of Transcription

Advanced Transcription Technology

JUST: Access are a social enterprise providing advanced transcription technology to the legal industry and other sectors and to develop digital workplace solutions. We are working to develop the potential of digital workplace transcription for the benefit of our users.

All JUST: Access transcription services come with tailored templates and the option of customised vocabulary. There are over twenty languages and dialects to choose from, as well as the ability to create live transcriptions and captions. Whether users opt to have their transcripts edited by our experts or prefer to amend their own text, the results will be accurate, reliable, and affordable.

In addition to our legal transcribing services, we also support transcription in sectors including Education, Research, Business (Marketing, Human Resources, and Data Protection), Transcription Companies, Video Platform Providers, the Public Sector, Media and Journalism, and many more.

Automated Transcription

Users can access our platform from any device to create accurate transcripts in a fraction of the time it takes to transcribe manually. The responsive software makes editing speedy and straightforward, allowing users to apply different tools and create precise, professional, and consistent documents. This automated option also ensures that costs are kept low without affecting the quality of the results.

Edited Transcription

With our expert editing option, users can upload audio files to the secure platform and leave the editing to us. Once complete, the finished transcript can be reviewed within our secure platform, amended, and downloaded, providing a valuable resource for organisations and individuals who lack the time or means to self-edit. For professionals dealing with multiple or recurrent transcriptions, this is the ideal solution.

Foreign Language Transcription

Both our automated and edited transcription services come with foreign language functionality, as well as the potential to select different dialects and create customised vocabulary. With more than twenty languages available, multilingual transcriptions can help individuals and businesses to expand their audience, connect with new customers, and encourage greater accessibility.

Transcription for Events

Live event streaming has become more popular than ever, enabling participants from across the world to join together virtually. Our highly trained editors can attend your events to provide live-captioning through Zoom and other conferencing software. With its accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility, this is also a valuable option for seminars and conferences.

The AI capabilities of our innovative platform also allow for captioning and audio transcription of videos in over 20 languages.

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