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Legal, Education & Business Transcriptions

JUST: Access are a social enterprise delivering innovative digital transcription technology to legal, education, and business professionals. Our online transcription services include multiple options for customisation, allowing you to create a bespoke platform tailored to your needs.

From foreign language options and customised vocabulary to live transcribing and expert editing, you will receive accurate, reliable, and cost-effective results. Our transcription services are suitable for a wide range of applications including Law, Education, and Business.

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Transcription Services For Education


No matter how studious the student, note-taking can still be a challenge. By recording lectures and seminars, students can ensure their learning is not compromised. With fully flexible options for both transcription and editing, including free minutes, costs can be kept low.

Lecturers and Academics:

For education providers with limited time and resources, being able to pre-record and transcribe notes, lectures, meetings, and research can be an invaluable source of support. With a wide selection of easy-to-use tools, our platform can be tailored to specific needs.


When it comes to one-to-one interviews, it can be difficult to take accurate notes as well as engaging with subjects. JUST: Access provide a blended service that allows researchers at all levels the flexibility to auto-transcribe interviews and have documents expertly edited by our team. Our custom templating means our services work seamlessly with qualitative analysis tools, such as Nvivo.

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Transcription Services For Business

Human Resources and Administration:

From recruitment and pensions to accurate record keeping, many elements of the modern day workplace require accurate documentation to be recorded and maintained. With GDPR and additional legislation, professionals need to feel confident that they are meeting the necessary standards. Due to the accuracy and flexibility of our transcription services, they can be used to ensure precise results while easing the burden on busy office departments.

Global Companies:

With JUST: Access foreign language transcription, communicating with global clients and teams has never been easier. With the choice of over twenty languages, customisable vocabulary, and templates, recordings can be easily and accurately transcribed and translated.

Data Protection Teams:

Since GDPR came into force, many professionals are having to answer an increasing number of Subject Access Requests. With the responsive audio capabilities of our secure platform, personal and potentially sensitive data can be transcribed with precision and reliability.

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