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Taking Digital Transcriptions to the Next Level

Using the latest in speech technology to produce transcripts of guaranteed accuracy.

Our Transcription Services

AI Transcription

Efficient legal transcription with AI-powered accuracy and security. This technology is significantly reducing the time and cost required for transcription services, making it a popular choice for many industries.

Technical Transcription

Manual transcription is necessary for accurate and reliable text-based records of speeches, interviews, meetings, and other spoken content. Drafted by our powerful AI and reviewed by our pool of editors.


PodRecap is an AI driven show note creator that automatically generates a podcast overview, a guest bio, sponsor details, time-stamped highlights of your episodes, resource links and optional full transcript.


Ideal for startups, when monthly board notes and actions are required for stakeholders and investors. Uploading is simple – just record your next meeting through Teams, Zoom or Meet, and upload it simply and securely to our platform.

Transcription sectors
Who We Work With
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For Legal

For law firms, lawyers, human resources and legal tech developers.

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For Education

For students, lecturers and academics and researchers.

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For Businesses

For HR and administration, global companies and data protection teams.

How it works
Accurate and Affordable
Transcriptions Made Simple

JUST: Access are a social enterprise bringing cutting edge transcription technology to the legal sector and beyond. Together with our platform users, we aspire to modernise legal procedures, reform outdated systems, and champion equal access to the law for all.

Designed by experts in legal transcription

Our automated transcription platform provides
exceptional results across a variety of purposes.

Speech recognition technology

Using our “human in the loop” approach, all our transcripts are guaranteed to be 90% accurate and above.

Suitable for a diverse range of sectors

Including Legal, Education, Research, Business the
Public Sector, Journalism, and many more.

We aspire to modernise legal procedures

Reforming outdated systems, and championing
equal access to the law for all.

Who are Just: Access?

Launched in 2016, we are forerunners in digital legal transcription services.

We promote equal access to legal information.

We provide a wealth of legal transcribing services for a multitude of purposes.

We provide quick and efficient speech-to-text capabilities.

We support editing, subtitles and captioning, live even transcription, legal dictation and more.

We provide pioneering transcribing technology with an open data approach.

Case Studies
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