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AI Enabled Transcription: Demonstrating Honesty, Accessibility, and Integrity

Our client is a large utilities company that creates strong and constructive relationships with their customers by delivering a high quality and reliable customer service.  Our client’s vision for their company was to create more value for their customer by developing a relationship of trust with them. When their customers felt that the service they received had fallen short of their expectations and a complaint was made, the utilities company wanted to work openly with their customer to resolve the complaint.

The client considered providing the audio recordings of the calls the customer made to customer support services prior to a complaint being lodged.  The risks with such an approach included data-security, as the calls often contained sensitive information about the client and, on occasion, the customer service agent as well.

The utilities company decided instead to provide transcripts of phone calls to their customers when a complaint is made to demonstrate to the customer their commitment to behaving with integrity.  The transcripts also provide valuable insights for how to improve customer services.

At first, the data protection team were processing these transcripts manually, but this was time-consuming, resource intensive and was not popular work amongst the team.

The Data Protection Advisor of the utilities companies approached JUST: Access about our AI-enabled transcription solution with guaranteed accuracy.

As an enterprise client, we worked closely with the utilities provider prior to implement the transcription solution, developing protocols for anonymisation.

We created a custom template that ensured consistency across transcription files, while laying out the information in a clear format.

In addition, a vocabulary list was developed with the utility company and training was provided to our editors to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality transcription.

Such processes meant the transcript would be useful to the customer seeking redress from the utilities company, and this has been linked in increased levels of customer satisfaction with the complaints process.  The transcripts are also useful to assess the accuracy and completeness of the file notes inputted by the customer service agent handling the customer’s calls.

The utilities company has the benefit of reviewing these transcripts to identify patterns and trends, to manage possible non-compliance or increased risk.   These insights allowed the utilities company to proactively understand issues communicated by customers and unlock greater value from customer calls.

As a result, the data protection team immediately had a 40% reduction in the time spent transcribing calls, and this has improved over time, allowing them to focus on other tasks.  “Our in-house legal team is relatively small and this has enabled us to significantly expand our capacity and focus our efforts elsewhere”.

Using our secure platform to review completed transcripts while listening to the audio recording is a particularly helpful to the team. The Data Protection Advisor further told us that using our services “provided a quicker and more accurate way to transcribe our calls and improved our overall services”.  They also reported improved outcomes to their customers during the complaint process.

Pleased with the high quality of work they received, the utility company renewed their monthly subscription for a further 24 months.

If you work as a data protection advisor within the legal team of a utilities provider or another regulated service and you think your customers and customer service team would be assisted through transcription, please contact us on hello@just-access.org


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