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Automatic Transcription: Accurate, Efficient, Effortless

Our client is an established transcription company that sought to incorporate speech-to-text services within the services offered to their customers. They had received enquiries from existing customers interested in using speech recognition technologies to complement the transcription services they received.  They also looked to implement the technology within their new order management platform to provide a first draft of their transcript for their transcribers to edit to see if this gave rise to efficiency savings.  Due to a big rise in customer demand, the transcription company were seeking to increase the output of their transcribers without a reduction in quality and to harness the latest technology trends in transcription.

As the company provides transcription for legal, medical and the regulatory sector, it also provides document production services. A priority for the company was ensuring that the completed transcripts were formatted as per their customer templates. The transcription company were looking to see what efficiency savings could be made by automating the formatting of these transcripts, as well as through the use of voice technologies.

In addition, the company transcribes for universities and research organisations, particularly working with qualitative researchers by transcribing interviews.  These interviews are usually over 45 minutes and involve at least two, but often five or six speakers, thus requiring speaker identification.  Due to their length, time stamps are also required.  Both these requirements add time and expense to these types of orders.

After reviewing a number of different technology companies, the transcription company chose JUST: Access as we offered

  • Cutting edge, accurate speech-to-text technology with specific in legal and medical transcription modules
  • Custom templates to ensure each transcript was formatted to the specifications of their customers
  • Functionality that included processing of dictation, single-voice and multi-voice audio recordings
  • Accessible via our editing platform or via APIs

Following a three-month pilot, the transcription company identified significant efficiency savings when their transcribers used the automated transcript compared to when the file was transcribed manually from the audio file:

  • On short files (under 20 minutes) around 30% time was saved
  • On longer files involving multiple speakers between 40-50% time was saved.

Given these results, the transcription company contracted with JUST: Access to provide automated transcription services.  We have worked with them to implement custom vocabulary and templates, aimed at continuing their growth within the medical and legal sector. 


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