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Live Event Transcription: Connecting People, Places, and Information

New Era Technology is a global IT integrator that delivers technology solutions that securely connects people, places and information in a digital world.  They have over 25 years of experience working across education, corporate, government and healthcare. 

With over 9000 customers New Era are seeking for new ways to deliver valuable technology solutions to their customers.   Over the last two-years, New Era’s customers have sought new ways of engaging their customers and communities by holding webinars, conferences and virtual townhalls.  With attendees numbering in the thousand, New Era looked to offer a suite of conference services to ensure that all those who attend the event is able to fully participate.

A key priority for New Era was ensuring that these webinars were open to everyone, even who are deaf or hearing impaired.  From speaking with their customers, they were aware that those who attend online-events may not be able to give it their undivided attention, and unlike with attended or in-person events, they may need to take phone calls or respond to emails during the conference.

New Era experimented with the automated transcription services that come with online video platforms such as Zoom or Teams, finding the output to be too poor to rely on.  Given New Era’s experience within legal, regulatory and government sector, speakers often use technical vocabulary leading to greater reduction in accuracy of automated transcription.

New Era approached JUST: Access to see how our services could improve the experience of those attending online events, to demonstrate how they continued to innovate and deliver value to their partners. 

We now provide captioning services, where videos to be shown during seminars are edited and subtitled, in English and foreign languages.   Given that New Era has over 60 offices world-wide, it was important for them to find a supplier like JUST: Access who was able to provide captioning services in over a dozen languages. 

JUST: Access has also provided live-transcription at events, where one of our highly trained transcribers attends the online seminar and provides accurate, real-time captioning and transcription to the audience.

To date, JUST: Access has provided event transcription to New Era partners holding one-hour lunchtime seminars to those organising four-day national and international conferences.   The feedback has been very positive, with customers pleased they can access a full suite of customer services from New Era that includes transcription services designed to improve the accessibility of online events. 


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