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FLAC, MP3, MP4, Ogg, WebM, AMR or WAV. If you are experiencing any problems uploading your file or need to convert to one of our accepted formats, please contact us at hello@just-transcription.com.

We use server-side encryption that protects your data at rest. Each object is encrypted with a unique key. as an additional safeguard, the key itself is encrypted with a master key that rotates regularly. Your data is encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit advanced encryption standard (aes-256). Delete means delete. When you select delete, the data associated with the file is removed from our storage facility. JUST: Transcription platform is hosted on cloud servers hosted in UK data centres.

Please ensure you have selected ‘send for review’ so that we can view and start working on the transcript. If you can view ‘cancel my review’ button next to your file it means the transcript is not yet been completed. You will receive an email notification once the file transcript is ready.

Completed transcripts are usually ready within ten working days. However this may be dependant on the order size and Clear Voice will advise you if it will take less/more time. Please contact us at hello@just-transcription.com for further information about your order.

Our standard verbatim style is intelligent verbatim which means we will delete unnecessary uses of ‘um’, ‘ah’, or repeated words from the transcript. If you would like a strict verbatim edit which is an exact copy of the audio, please contact us at hello@just-transcription.com as soon as possible.

A file and it’s accompanying transcript take generally a few minutes to upload on to the platform, and it will show as ‘complete’ once this process is done. If a file is stuck on ‘pending’ for more than 1 hour, please do contact us at hello@just-transcription.com to investigate why this might be. We will not be able to view a file if it has a ‘pending’ status, so please do flag this asap.

Yes, speakers are recognised as either ‘Interviewer’ or ‘Respondent’. If you would like us to use any other speaker names please let us know. There is a 5% price uplift for transcripts with more than 4 speakers.

This indicates that a word or phrase is indecipherable either because of the audio quality or the language used is not recognisable because of it’s reference to a specialist subject, place name, etc. You can edit these and listen to them on the platform easily before downloading your copy of the transcript. 

Note from the Just: Access team – we want to produce the best quality transcript possible. If specialist language is commonly used in your audio file, please consider sending us a glossary of terms so that we can accurately identify and transcribe them. Without this we may replace any unfamiliar terms with ‘[inaudible]’.

We also provide the following services: foreign language transcription and translation, audio optimisation and anonymisation. To find out more please contact hello@just-transcription.com

If you have any further queries about our services, please get in touch with us at hello@just-access.org and we will be happy to help.