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Accurate and Affordable Transcriptions

JUST: Access are leading the way in online transcription technology for the legal sector and other industries. Our cutting-edge platform provides a swift and simple service with accurate results at an affordable cost. As a social enterprise, we champion open access and innovative solutions for all.

As experts in digital transcription services, our automatic voice to text transcription is renowned for its high quality and cost efficiency. Our pioneering online platform supports users from all sectors in transcribing and editing documents to produce precise, secure, and reliable results.

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Automatic transcription using our specialist editing platform.

The wide selection of easy-to-use tools available enable users to create transcriptions in a fraction of the time and cost with superior results to those produced by traditional transcription methods. From testimonies and statements to notetaking and correspondence, our transcription services take the stress out of everyday administrative tasks, leaving you with exceptional results.

Outsource to our experienced editors with one click.

The options of self-editing your transcriptions or outsourcing our experienced team of editors to finetune the accuracy of your documents. Not only will your finished files be precise, but our editing services are available with a short turnaround to ensure your documents are complete within twenty-four hours or less. The flexibility of our editing services helps you to find the most suitable option for your needs, budget, and timescale.

A diverse range of flexible features.

Suitable for a variety of users, applications and sectors, including law firms and legal professionals, educators and academics, researchers and tech developers, human resources and administration staff, data protection teams, video content creators, and more. Platform functions include multi-voice, single voice, and dictation modules, live captioning and audio transcription options, customised vocabulary templates, over twenty language and dialect choices, access to analytics data, and editing services. The platform also includes custom API integration to allow access to fast, accurate audio to text services.

Guaranteed security when using our platform and services.

With the introduction of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), securing information has become fundamental to business function. Our secure speech recognition technology ensures personal data is kept safeguarded without compromising on the speed and efficiency of our services.

Helpful and accessible support systems whenever you have a question or concern.

The clear layout and labelling of our platform ensures you know exactly what is happening to your transcriptions and when, including notifications during the process. Our FAQs Page provides detailed information on many of the most common queries we receive, and you can find further suggestions and insightful case studies on our Blog. Our team are available via email should you need to speak with someone directly – contact us at hello@just-access.org.

As specialists in legal transcribing services, our platform can also be applied to other areas including Education, Research, Business (Marketing, Human Resources, and Data Protection), Transcription Companies, Video Platform Providers, the Public Sector, Media and Journalism, and many more.

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