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How to get high quality transcriptions of your virtual meetings


How to get high quality transcriptions of your virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings have become the new norm in the COVID world. Every business has its favourite platform for hosting meetings. Some prefer to Zoom in, others find Teams the dream and there are those that can’t get Google Meet off their screen.

The trouble is that unless you are truly superhuman you can’t chair your meetings, answer questions AND make useful notes of your sessions at the same time. Yes, you can use the inbuilt live transcription on Teams, but there’s a catch. 

You risk things being picked up wrong. This is especially true for technical vocabulary, such as medical and computer terminology. Plus you’ll find yourself spending hours removing Teams’ irritating americanisms, words like “mom” and “realize” spelt with a Z.  Urgh….

Lastly, someone’s actually got to remember to ask Teams or Zoom to transcribe the meeting before it actually starts, the last thing you need to be thinking about when you’re just getting down to business.

Another way…

Alternatively you can save yourself a shed load of time and stress and use our platform. JUST provides accurate transcripts edited by humans, in British-English along with time-stamping and anonymisation from just £1.10 per minute.

So how to do it? 

Here’s our step by step guide to getting a perfect transcription of your Teams meeting.

  • Join or start a Teams (or Zoom) meeting. Start your meeting. For optimum results we recommend you use the inbuilt recorder so that everyone in your group is picked up clearly. In order to do this you need to be the organiser or part of the same organisation.
  • Record your meeting. Go to “More actions” and then select “start recording”. Only one person in the group can do this, but the recording will be saved in the Cloud.
  • Stop recording. Yes, remember to stop recording – so that your personal conversations don’t get picked up as well!
  • Download your recording. If it’s on Teams, your transcription will be in either OneDrive or Sharepoint for channel meetings. 
  • Then head to just-access.org, where you can find out about our services and leading technology in transcription. Go to Transcription services and click “Get started”.
  • Log in to JUST transcription. Enter your username and login and then upload your meeting recording onto the platform by clicking Upload” and selecting your file.
  • Configure your file. Select the number of speakers on your recording. It’s important to get this step right or you’ll find your timestamps are all out of sync. You can also select the language and rename your recording. Foreign transcriptions and translations will incur an additional cost, depending on the language.
  • Keen to save on time?  Have our editors edit the transcript for you by clicking “Send for Review” on the home page.  Once it’s ready, you will receive an email notification.  

Bingo! Your transcription is now complete and ready to be downloaded from our secure platform.


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