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Why call transcriptions are essential for business

Why call transcriptions are essential for your business? In today’s world, video conferencing and calls have boomed. Even as we emerge from the pandemic remote meetings are still here to stay. All which means that businesses are sitting on a mounting pile of recorded data. Sifting through all of it can be a nightmare – unless you get it transcribed.

What is call transcription?

Call transcription is a written record of an audio or video call. An example of this could be when call handlers or customer service representatives speak on the phone to customers, for instance utility companies. Many calls will start with an automated message alerting the client that it will be recorded for “quality assurance purposes”.

How do you get a call transcribed?

Transcripts used to be the product of a laborious manual process involving a person typing out speech verbatim (and having to replay it multiple times). Nowadays this job is streamlined and automated by transcription services. At JUST our latest technology can produce an 80% accurate machine-generated transcript within hours from when a file is uploaded by the user. 

Conference calls

Conference calls usually involve conversations between several people. Today these taike place mostly on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Teams. The JUST platform can also be used effectively for conference calls. Speech recognition technology detects different speakers and accurate timestamps are added for ease of reviewing

To get your conference call  transcribed, use a professional transcription service. With JUST Access you get 100% accuracy guaranteed. To try it out go to JUST and select Transcription services and then View transcription prices. Once you’ve logged into the platform you can upload and process your file within minutes.

Is call recording and transcribing lawful?

The short answer is yes. In accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, individuals and businesses are allowed to record calls and can do so secretly providing that it’s for their own use, ie for research. If it’s to be shared with a third party, they are required to make the customer or individual aware that they are being recorded.

What are the benefits?

Call transcriptions provide a shedload of benefits to businesses. Here are just some:

  • They document meetings. Transcriptions save time spent scribbling down notes during conferences and allow everyone to focus on the event itself knowing that everything has been taken down and will be written out verbatim.

  • A source of customer information. Transcripts are a great database of customer data, including quotes. In the event that the client has to call back and speak with a number of representatives, staff are able to bring up their case with ease, thus streamlining and enhancing the customer experience.

  • Monitoring and training employees. Using transcripts can help managers to identify customer service issues. This is a useful tool for both training new employees and maintaining standards.

  • Getting to know your customer. Verbatim records of conversations can help you to understand your client and their needs better, and therefore inform better decisions.

  • Improving accessibility. Transcribing your call can also be of great benefit to customers that need communication in a printed format, such as those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Publishing your transcripts of conference calls is also a great way to improve your site’s SEO, given that search engines can’t crawl through videos and audio.


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